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The Accuracy And Stability Of The Temperature Control Card

The accuracy and stability of the temperature control card mainly depend on the following important factors:

1. Temperature measurement: 

Sampling cycle parameters, data filtering processing to determine temperature, measurement circuit temperature compensation, etc. to determine temperature measurement accuracy;

2. PID control: 

After regulation, the temperature controller machine output current share is reflected, the relevant parameters have a shared segment, and the integral time is differentiated at the time;

3. PIDD control: 

After the phase angle control, the relevant parameters include the shared segment, the integral time, and the differential time;

4. Active conditioning: 

After analyzing the capacitance of the heating wire and the thermal constant of the mold, it provides the function of its dominant factor, with latent heat and heat dissipation, it helps to accurately control the temperature no matter how the environment changes;

5. SSR (PIDD) form: 

can achieve accurate temperature control, but the noise of the power supply is much larger than that of the PWM form;

6. PWM (PID) form: 

The current noise is small, but the ability to control a specific temperature is worse than the SSR form.

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