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About Tinko Hot Runner Control & Temperature Control

Company Overview

Tinko Instrument (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. We are a high-tech company specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of hot runner controllers and accessories for plastic injection molding industry.

Pid Temperature Controller Supplier

Who We are

Relying on professional technology and modern management, we develop and produce hot runner products and related accessories with high quality and excellent reliability.

We are willing to provide you with continuous technical support and after-sale services, establish a long-term strategic partnership with you. Let’s work each other and create a better future.

Tinko Instrument Advantages

Tinko Instrument Advantages

Focus on research and development

Tinko Instrument Advantages

Based on customer needs

Tinko Instrument Advantages

20 years of history accumulation

Tinko Instrument Advantages

Professional technology and service support

Tinko Instrument Advantages

Strict quality control

Why Our Customers Choose Tinko

Tinko is more than just a supplier to our customers - we consider customers to be partners in the ongoing search for the best, most productive, and most cost-effective temperature, humidity, and process control solutions possible.

When selecting a supplier, keep in mind that you are selecting a partner whose support is critical to your product and your profitability. Tinko is proud to partner with its customers and provides the consultative service and support your need to achieve success.

Many of Tinko’s new products are the direct result of an ongoing dialogue with our customers to determine precisely what they need to improve their applications. Thanks to the dedication of our design, engineering and manufacturing teams, we've actually surpassed our customers' goals in many cases.

Tinko will be pleasure to partner with you, and will provide the good performance and competitively priced products to you.

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Tel: +86-512-62527871 E-mail:
Add: No.199, Tongyuan Road, SIP, Suzhou 215006, China
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