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HMF Series Standard Mainframe

Tinko HMF Series Mainframes are classic black color mainframes. As direct manufacturer, all of our mainframes have solid structure and durability and are interchangeable with DME, Athena, YUDO, MCS, Husky, INCOE control modules and mainframes.

We offer the flexibility of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 to 24 zones of control at 15 Amps per zone. We also offer 30Amps per zone and special functions like alarm output, RS485 communication upon request. Moreover, we can provide customization service if you need.

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hot runner controller
hot runner controller
custom hot runner controller
hmf series standard mainframe
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Functions of HMF Series Standard Mainframe

  • Simple and classic design

  • Stackable design, save installation space

  • Fan built-in for heat radiation

  • Terminals and wires crimped by auto machine

  • Stable construction, reliable performance

  • Dual deck with wheels for over 12 zones mainframes

Functions of HMF Series Standard Mainframe

Features of HMF Series Standard Mainframe

Hot Runner Controller
  • Control module: HRTC-G1, B1, N1, C1, F2

  • Internal wiring & components

  • Input power line, 3 meter (standard)

  • Output Mold thermocouple and power cables, 3 meter (standard)

  • Connectors

Wiring Diagram
Hot Runner Temperature Controller
  • Combined T/C & heater wiring (e.g heater:1-2, T/C: 3+4-…)

  • Separated T/C & heater wiring (e.g heater:1-13, T/C:1+13-…)

  • DME wiring for 5/8/12 zones

  • Customized wiring

Connector Type
Custom Hot Runner Controller
  • HA, HD, HE, HQ series

  • 5, 10, 16, 24, 25, 32, 48 pins insert

  • 1 or 2 lever housing

  • Single or double latch hood, top or side cable entry

  • Other customization

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