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M20-SH Touch Screen Controller

Tinko M20-SH series controllers are designed for small cavity injection molds. The maximum temperature control zones can be up to 32 zones. This hot runner temperature controller is equipped with a 10.4" LCD full color touch screen, which makes users more convenient to operate. It supports Modbus TCP, VNC communication and Ethernet port. We also have USB port for users to import and export data.

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Features of M20-SH Touch Screen Controller

  • PID auto temperature control

  • Editable zone name

  • Customized start-up interface logo

  • Current, output percentage display on screen

  • Two zones per module at 15 Amps per zone

  • Interchangeable module design, easy for maintenance

  • Integrated design with external heat sink, reduces downtime

  • Dehumidify soft start, protects machine

  • Internal alarm buzzer

  • Group setup function, easy to operate multi zones

  • Stop the injection molding machine remotely (optional)

  • Standby the injection molding machine remotely (optional)

  • All zones' temperature in tolerance output (optional)

  • Alarm output function (optional)

Features of M20-SH Touch Screen Controller

Specification of M20-SH Touch Screen Controller

Temperature Control Zones

2-32 zones

User Interface

10.4'' Full color LCD touch screen


English, French, Spanish, Chinese

Power Supply

3-phase, 200-240Vac or 3-phase, 380-415Vac


50-60 Hz auto switching

Temperature Display Resolution

1 or 0.1

Temperature Scale

°C or °F


J or K


240Vac, 15Amps per zone

Control Mode

Auto, Manual, Standby, Boost, Slave

Power Control

Phase Angle, Zero Crossing

Measurement Range


Calibration Accuracy

± 0.25% Full scale

Setting Range


Control Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Working environment

-0~55°C, 10~80% RH(No condensing)


USB and Ethernet



Functions of M20-SH Touch Screen Controller

thermocouple cable manufacturers
  • Soft start dehumidify

  • Plastic Leak Detection

  • Mold self-test function before working

  • Alarm output function: relay contact (N/O)

  • Remote shutdown, remote standby optional

  • RS485 communication optional

  • Thermocouple & heater inverse alarm

  • Heater open, short circuit, overload alarm

  • Thermocouple open, break, reverse alarm

  • Input power over voltage protection function

Alarms & Protection
  • High/Low temperature alarm

  • Thermocouple open, reverse, short alarm

  • Heater open, short, overload alarm

  • Fuse blown alarm

  • Plastic leakage detection

  • Overload protection, cut off output

  • Short Circuit protection, cut off output

  • Triac damage protection, cut off output

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