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Precautions For Safe Operation Of Hot Runner Controller

The hot runner temperature control box should be checked before use according to the precautions for safe operation, and the equipment should be turned on after confirming that it is correct. 

What should you confirm before using it?

  1. Check whether the thermocouple type on the mold is the same as the thermocouple typeset on the temperature control card, that is, the "J" type or "K" type, which must be the same.

  2. Check whether the wiring method of the hot runner on the mold is the same as the wiring method of the junction box on the temperature control box, especially whether the positive and negative poles of the thermocouple are the same.

  3. Check whether the equipped cable is suitable for this temperature control box, whether the junction box matches, and whether the wires inside and the thermocouple wires match.

  4. Check whether the input power cord wiring of the temperature control box is correct.

  5. Check the resistance and insulation of the hot runner heater, and then check whether a galvanic couple of the hot runner temperature controller systems is short-circuited or open-circuited.

  6. Connect the cable after the mold is installed on the injection molding machine.

  7. Check whether the main power switch of the temperature control box and the switches of each group are turned off. They should all be turned off in advance to avoid burning the thermocouple of the temperature control box or the hot runner once the power is connected incorrectly.

  8. Check whether the input power connected to the room temperature controller system is suitable for the temperature control box, and then connect the cables.

  9. Make sure that the ground wire of the temperature control box is firmly connected.

  10. Turn on the main power switch.

  11. Turn on a single group of switches: the first turn on a group of switches, and then gradually open them in groups, so as to ensure that if the wrong wiring is connected, only a group of temperature control cards or a group of thermocouples will be burned. If there is an abnormal sound or display, please do not continue to open other temperature control cards, and check the wiring of each part immediately.

  12. Set each group to the desired temperature.

  13. Check whether the required temperature and stability are reached.

  14. Note: When unplugging and inserting the temperature control card, be sure to turn off the power supply of the temperature control box.

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