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Types of Hot Runner Mainframes

HMF Series Standard Mainframe
MFH Series Standard Mainframe
TMF Series Standard Mainframe
MFT Series Standard Mainframe
WMF Series DME Style Mainframe
MFW Series DME Style Mainframe

How Does Hot Runner Mainframes Work?

The hot runner temperature controller is a device that continuously maintains the required temperature value of the hot runner controller systems. According to hot runner controller wiring diagram, it consists of temperature control modules, an air switch, a box, a fan, a terminal block and a cable. The temperature control box detects the temperature of hot runner system through a built-in temperature control card and adjusts output power to keep the temperature target point stable. The temperature control box is controlled by a microprocessor, and the temperature control accuracy can reach 0.5 ℃; a double-row LED digital display or LCD liquid crystal display, with a variety of fault status displays and alarms, can find and solve the problem in time.

How Does Hot Runner Mainframes Work?
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