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How To Maintain A Hot Runner System?

We all know that the hot runner system is not a single commodity, but a combination, including hot nozzles, manifolds, runner plates, thermostats, etc. Therefore, the hot runner system is an overall system, which is an injection mold. A common system component in the manufacturing industry.

In the hot runner system, electric heating rods and electric heating rings are set up near the runner during operation. Therefore, the entire runner from the nozzle inlet and outlet of the injection molding machine to the gate is all high temperature, and the plastic in the runner always maintains the molten state, even if the machine is turned off. There is no need to open the runner to remove the melt after that, as long as it is heated to the required temperature during the next startup. So how do you need to maintain the hot runner when it is working and after it is shut down?

First of all: 

It is necessary to clarify the application and maintenance staff, find problems, and immediately communicate with the maintenance staff or the manufacturer to describe what happened and what went wrong, so as to ensure that the maintenance staff can immediately treat the symptoms.


If it is self-maintenance, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. If the plastic is highly sensitive to temperature or corrosive, it is necessary to use PP to eliminate the residual melt after each shutdown;

2. It is usually necessary to clear all the water vapor, mist, oil stains, and other dirt adhering to the hot runner to prevent corrosion of the components of the hot runner system;

3. If the mold is stored for a long time, the heater may be corroded by moisture, and it needs to be dehumidified before application;

4. If the hot runner needle valve system is used, maintenance needs to be done every two months to prevent carbonization or gas dust scaling resulting in poor movement.

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