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M20-M Touch Screen Controller

Tinko M20-M series controllers have been used by our customers for many years and are kind of classic design. This controller adopts dual-channel temperature control modules, with load current 15 Amps for each zone. It is equipped with a 10.4 " LCD touch screen, easy to operate. The maximum temperature control zones can be up to 100 zones. Tinko M20-M series touch screen temperature controller also supports Modbus TCP communication and Ethernet port.

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Features of M20-M Touch Screen Controller

  • PID auto temperature control

  • Editable zone name

  • Customized start-up interface logo

  • Current, output percentage display on screen

  • Two zones per module at 15 Amps per zone

  • Interchangeable module design, easy for maintenance

  • Integrated design with external heat sink, reduces downtime

  • Dehumidify soft start, protects machine

  • Internal alarm buzzer

  • Group setup function, easy to operate multi zones

  • Stop the injection molding machine remotely (optional)

  • Standby the injection molding machine remotely (optional)

  • All zones' temperature in tolerance output (optional)

  • Alarm output function (optional)

Features of M20-M Touch Screen Controller

Specification of M20-MH Touch Screen Controller

Temperature Control Zones

2-100 zones

User Interface

10.4'' Full color LCD touch screen


English, French, Spanish, Chinese

Power Supply

3-phase, 200-240Vac or 3-phase, 380-415Vac


50-60 Hz auto switching

Temperature Display Resolution

1 or 0.1

Temperature Scale

°C or °F


J or K


240Vac, 15Amps per zone

Control Mode

Auto, Manual, Standby, Boost, Slave

Power Control

Phase Angle, Zero Crossing

Measurement Range


Calibration Accuracy

± 0.25% Full scale

Setting Range


Control Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Working environment

-0~55°C, 10~80% RH(No condensing)


USB and Ethernet



Functions of M20-M Touch Screen Controller

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  • Soft start dehumidify

  • Plastic Leak Detection

  • Mold self-test function before working

  • Alarm output function: relay contact (N/O)

  • Remote shutdown, remote standby optional

  • RS485 communication optional

  • Thermocouple & heater inverse alarm

  • Heater open, short circuit, overload alarm

  • Thermocouple open, break, reverse alarm

  • Input power over voltage protection function

Alarms & Protection
  • High/Low temperature alarm

  • Thermocouple open, reverse, short alarm

  • Heater open, short, overload alarm

  • Fuse blown alarm

  • Plastic leakage detection

  • Overload protection, cut off output

  • Short Circuit protection, cut off output

  • Triac damage protection, cut off output

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