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TSC-01 Stand Alone Controller

Tinko TSC-01 integrated single zone hot runner temperature controller is suitable for small mold. The portable controller is of small size, light weight, complete functions and easy to operate. It is really a very smart and economic choice for your hot runner controller system.

This controller is pre-wired for 3 wires (AC-AC-Ground), single phase 240VAC. The integrated construction can provide good protection for the internal control unit. What's more, this mini controller at a good hot runner controller price can provide strong anti-interference, high temperature control accuracy and strong stability.

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Features of TSC-01 Stand Alone Controller

  • Compact stand alone cabinet design

  • Small and light, easy to operate

  • LED display

  • PID control

  • Auto/Manual

  • Dehumidify soft start, protect machine

  • Internal alarm buzzer

  • Smart & economical for hot runner system

Features of TSC-01 Stand Alone Controller

Specification of TSC-01 Stand Alone Controller

Power Supply

1-phase, 85-265Va, 50-60Hz

Temperature unit

°C or °F


J or K


240Vac, 15Amps per zone

Control Mode

Auto, Manual, Standby

Power Control

Phase Angle, Zero Crossing

Measurement Range


Calibration Accuracy

± 0.25% Full scale

Setting Range


Control Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Working environment

-0~55°C, 10~80% RH(No condensing)

Functions of TSC-01 Stand Alone Controller

Wiring (can be customized)
hot runner temperature controller market
  • Ultra-high or ultra-low Temperature

  • Over voltage of power supply

  • Thermocouple break, short or inverse

  • Thermocouple is out of its position

  • Heater break, short or overload

  • Output device is damaged

  • Thermocouple & heater misconnection

Alarms & Protection
  • High/Low temperature alarm

  • Thermocouple open, reverse, short alarm

  • Heater open, short, overload alarm

  • Fuse blown alarm

  • Plastic leakage detection

  • Overload protection, cut off output

  • Short Circuit protection, cut off output

  • Triac damage protection, cut off output

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