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Basic Introduction And Product Application Of Temperature And Humidity Transmitter

Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a combination of temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters. It is mainly composed of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, measuring circuits, operational amplifiers, signal conversion circuits and so on.Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is an instrument used to measure environmental temperature and humidity, with an integrated temperature and humidity probe as the temperature measuring element. It collects the temperature and humidity change signals, converts them into linear current or voltage signals that are proportional to the temperature and humidity, or outputs them directly through the485 communication interface.

Installation Methods Of Temperature And Humidity Sensors

Temperature and humidity sensors generally have two installation methods: built-in and external. In addition to measuring and converting functions, someTemperature and Humidity Transmitters also have local display functions, mainly composed of conversion circuits, display circuits and LCD digital display.

Temperature and Humidity Transmitters are widely used in environmental automatic monitoring and control in industries such as environmental protection, chemical industry, meteorology, medicine, food storage, food processing, greenhouses, electronic etc. The special items in these industries require very high temperature and humidity requirements in production, manufacturing, goods storage, logistics and transportation, and must be completed under the monitoring of professional instruments.

Importance Of Temperature And Humidity Sensors

With the increasing development of industry, industrial parameters for measurement are becoming more diversified, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, liquid level, gas, flow, displacement, etc. Through professional industrial instruments to monitor various parameters in production process, the normal operation of production and safety issues within the controllable range of managers can be ensured. Therefore, the importance of industrial instruments is self-evident. High-quality, high-precision, stable performance, and relatively affordable products have always been pursued by instrument users, which is also the direction of progress for major instrument manufacturers. In fact, every product will have its"owner."

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