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CTM Temperature Controller

Tinko CTM series controllers are dual loop temp & process controllers, which can manage double zones simultaneously to stabilize the temperature of environments such as ovens, packaging, and heat treatment. Using our CTM series dual-loop controllers can save installation time and costs by giving you one common connection point with less wiring and panel cut outs. Downtime can also be reduced as dual-loop controllers can be changed without powering down the system. 

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Features of CTM Temperature Controller

  • PID auto tuning, manual control

  • High accuracy and resolution

  • Universal Inputs and output mode                               

  • Sensor break, reverse, short alarm

  • Heater break alarm

  • Optional relay alarm output

  • RS485 communication optional

Features of CTM Temperature Controller

Specification of CTM Temperature Controller

Power SupplyAC85~265V, 50/60Hz
Accuracy± 0.5% F.S.
Sensor InputThermocouple (K, E, J, N, T, B, S)
RTD (Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100)
Current (DC. 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA)
Voltage (DC. 0-10V)
Display unitDual 4-digit LED
Output modeOutput mode
SSR Drive (Voltage pulse)
DC. 4~20mA
DC. 0-10V
Alarm OutpuRelay contact, AC250V/3A
Communication(option)RS485, Tinko protocol
Auxiliary outputDC 24V feedback
Working environment0~50°C, 25~85% RH
Panel Size (mm)48*48, 48*96, 96*48, 72*72, 96*96, 160*80

Functions of CTM Temperature Controller

Ordering Code

C T L - £ F £ £ £ - £ - £ - £ £ £ - £ - £ - £ -C C

          (1)    (2)    (3) (4)    (5)   (6)  (7) (8)

(1) Front Panel Size (W×H, mm)

4: 48*48  5: 48*96  6: 96*48  7: 72*72 9: 96*96

(2) Input Signal & Range

K03: K (-50~999°C)  E03: E (-50~800°C)  J03: J(-50~999°C)

T03: T (-50~400°C)  P03: Pt100 (-20~580°C)  P06: Pt100 (-19.9~99.9°C)

801: 4-20mA 402: 0-10V

(3) Control Output (for heating control)

M: Relay contact (AC250V, 3A)  V: SSR Drive (Voltage pulse)

8: D.C.4-20mA  9: 0-10V

(4) Control Output (for cooling control)

M: Relay contact (AC250V, 3A) V: SSR Drive (Voltage pulse)

8: D.C.4-20mA 9: 0-10V

(5) Alarm output

Blank: None   M: 1 x Relay contact (AC250V, 3A)

MM: 2 x Relay contact (AC250V, 3A) MMM: 3 x Relay contact (AC250V, 3A)

(6) Transmit output

8: D.C.4-20mA 9: 0-10V

Blank: None

(7) Power feedback output

N: No output (can be omitted)  V4: 24Vdc output

(8) Communication

Blank: None  C1: RS485 communication

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