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M10 Hot Runner Controller

Tinko M10 series hot runner controller is a new designed and multifunctional controller. It can be used to control temperature, sequence valve gate and voltage adjustment. This new controller adopts all aluminum alloy design with ultrathin thickness, which is much smaller than the present modular controllers (reducing 70% volume) while can still ensure good heat dissipation performance. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, multiple functions, and strong expandability.

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Features of M10 Hot Runner Controller

  • Unique structure design, smart and portable

  • Easy to disassemble and maintain

  • No cooling fans, strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities

  • LCD screen, display output voltage, frequency, power percent

  • Display of remaining life of heater

  • Heater leakage detection

  • Plastic leakage detection

  • Auto recognize the heater power, self-adjusting control

  • RS485 communication optional

  • Alarm output, remote standby functions are optional.

Features of M10 Hot Runner Controller

Specification of M10 Hot Runner Controller

Temperature control zones

18 max


LCD screen


1°C or 0.1°C

Temperature Scale

°C or °F


J or K (selectable)

Output Mode

phase angle or zero crossing

Control Mode

Auto PID or manual

Setting range

0~450°C (32~842°F)

Measure accuracy

± 0.1% Full scale


RS485, Modbus protocol

Working environment

0~55°C, 10~85% RH (non condensing)

Functions of M10 Hot Runner Controller

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  • Thermocouple open, short or inverse

  • Heater break, short or overload

  • Thermocouple & heater inverse

  • Fuse broken

  • Triac damage

  • Over voltage

  • High temperature

  • Low temperature

  • Cabinet inside temperature too high

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