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HRTC-F2 Control Modules

Tinko HRTC-F2 hot runner control module is a special module. It is one module with two zones design, which can save much space of the controller layout in the factory and save manufacturing cost. Users can operate two zones separately, independent display units and indicators. It is clear and easy to learn and operate.

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Module Temperature Controller
Module Temperature Controller
Hot Runner Controller
hot runner controller
hot runner temperature controller
hrtc f2 control module

Features of HRTC-F2 Control Module

  • LED display

  • Built-in buzzer

  • Smart SOFT START function

  • Dual zone per module, save cost and space

  • Manual output in case of temperature sensor failure

  • Compatible with DME, YUDO, etc brand of modules

Features of HRTC-F2 Control Module

Specifications of HRTC-F2 Control Module

Power Input

AC85~265V, 50/60 Hz

Power Output

240Vac, 15A, 3600W

Sensor Type

J or K

Control Mode

Auto, Manual

Output Mode

Phase Angle, Zero Cross

Measurement Range


Measurement Accuracy

± 0.25% Full scale

Setting Range


Control Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Working environment

-0~55°C, 10~80% RH(No condensing)

Functions of HRTC-F2 Control Module

Alarms & Protection
difference between hot runner and cold runner
  • High/Low temperature alarm

  • Thermocouple open, reverse, short alarm

  • Heater open, short, overload alarm

  • Fuse blown alarm

  • Heating invalid alarm

  • Over-voltage protection

  • Overload protection, cut off output

  • Short circuit protection, cut off output

  • Triac damage protection, cut off output

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