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Types of Hot Runner Control Modules

HRTC-B1 Control Modules
Standard LED control module
HRTC-G1 Control Modules
Standard LCD control module
HRTC-C1 Control Modules
Universal LCD control module
HRTC-N1 Control Modules
Universal LCD control module
HRTC-F2 Control Modules
Dual Zones control module
HRVC-H2 Control Modules
Voltage control module

How Does Hot Runner Control Modules Work?

The temp controller module detects temperature of hot runner temperature controller working by connecting thermocouple signal, and then adjusts output voltage according to PID parameter value after comparing with set target value. With the help of PID algorithm, the difference is quickly reduced to 0, and subsequent control temperature value will be stable at the set target value. The temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃.

How Does Hot Runner Control Modules Work?
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