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M10 Portable Valve Gate Controller

Tinko M10 Series Controller is a closed loop power distribution and sequence valve control system. The system can provide users with good sequential valve control capabilities. The custom hot runner controller is made of aluminum alloy, smaller than the conventional plug-in mainframes. Due to its unique construction, this controller has no fans or cooling holes, which can realize Dustproof, noiseproof and splashproof.

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Features of M10 Portable Hot Runner Controller

  • Adopt combined structure design, laser cutting, high precision

  • All aluminum alloy shell, no fan required, quiet and dust-proof

  • Modular structure, quick disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance

  • Use high quality plates, with light and strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities

  • LCD screen display

  • Control modules can meet different needs and projects

  • Auto/Manual control

  • 3 types of control process

  • Max 24 zones valve gate control

  • Reliable internal wiring and performance

  • One-key startup, one-key shutdown, one-key standby

Features of M10 Portable Hot Runner Controller

Specifications of M10 Portable Hot Runner Controller

Power Supply:

AC85~ 265V, 50/60Hz

Control Mode:

Auto/Manual control

Control Process:

Mode-0 / Mode-1 / Mode-2

Input Type:

DC24V / Relay contact

Output Type:

AC220V / DC24V / Relay contact

Time Range:

0.0~999.9s / 0.00~99.99s

Load Capacity:

AC220V output: 3A

DC24V output: 30W
Relay contact: 3A

Consumed Power:

<3W per module

Working environment:

-0~50°C, 10~80% RH(No condensing)

Functions of M10 Portable Hot Runner Controller

Control Process
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